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Full text of "Natick High School Graduation Programme, June 28, 1899"

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©rabuation Exercises 

..OF THE.. 

b School 1 



^Wednesday Evening, June 28, '99. 1 



m # * TOS£<S BY THE * « || 

^♦^cN^ /TCale O^i&HH of Bostoi). ft] 

A. C. PRESCOT, 1st Tenor; L. Q. RIPLEY, Baritone; ffi 
E. E. HOLDEN, 2nd Tenor; W. E. DAVISON. Bass. 

' Natick Review Print 


J\X Nioc^O^ (friary. 

Music. — "Concert Waltz." Buck 
Oration. — "The Dawn of the Century." 

Essay. — "The Arts of Peace." 

Maud ^Esbelie &illL£an. 

Music— "Abide With Me." rotter 

Oration— "The Arts of War." 

<f)ohn <£Ienry J- cue r 2. 

Essay. — "Educational Advancement." 

v, pro gramme 

Music. — "Creole Love Song." Smith 
Oration. — "The Progress of Science." 

sgitlpheus J'^oyii (F zoom*. 

Essay.— "A Literary Retrospect." 

J^oirise oftlelinda (Farzisworbh. 

Music. — "His Charmer's Voice." mpUy 

Essay with Valedictory Address. — "The Close 
of the Century." 

Jxouie (Gertrude Jiamzdell. 

Music. — U A Summer Night." Buck 

Presentation of Diplomas, — 

Mr. H. C. Mulligan, Chairman of School Board. 

MUSIC— "Proposal." Mrs. M. E. Ashbrand 

(Written for the Quartet.) 

Glass o! 1800. 

flotto, "Veritas vincit," 

Georgian a Brown, 
Ethel Pray Bussey, 
Eliot Morton DeLand, 
Margaret Marie Dowd, 
Louise Melinda Farnsworth, Alpheus Hoyt Favour. 
Joseph Arthur Find ley, La vine Mae Fittz, 

Maeel Florence Burleigh, 
Mary Magdalin Coleman, 
Florence Louise Dodge, 
Henry Harrison Dudley, 

Maud Estelle Gilligan, 
Abbie Gertrude Harnden, 
John Ambrose Kyte, 
Ada Mudge, 
John Henry Powers, 
Josephine M. Shea, 

Josephine Beatrice Gilson, 
Gertrude Lucia Hastings, 
Francis Patrick Leary, 
Beda Eugenia Peterson, 
Louie Gertrude Ramsdell, 
Leslie Hunt Sutherland. 

Eugene Eliot Travis.